Terms of use

The Quill Guild

Terms of use

The The Quill Guild website is a place that collects fragments of statements, books, publications, interviews and a place for exchanging opinions on the collected material.

The content posted on The Quill Guild is informative and may be a source of entertainment. The website is not educational in nature, it is a place that associates specific statements with their authors, and is not an indicator of the truthfulness and reliability of the words.

  • User's account. The ability to register (create an account) and log in is free of charge.
  • Website operator. The authors of the The Quill Guild website also act as the website operator.

The The Quill Guild website is freely available to all Internet users with additional functionality for registered and logged in users.


Registration is possible after providing the required fields in the registration form. Required fields are a unique login, name, real and used e-mail address and password.

A message is sent to the e-mail address provided during registration with a link confirming the willingness to register on the The Quill Guild website, which also verifies the e-mail address provided.

To log in, the following are used: login and password.

All information provided on the The Quill Guild website is public to browsing Internet users, only the e-mail address remains hidden at all times. Only logged in users of the The Quill Guild website can send a private message.

Website features

Without logging in, the following content is presented on The Quill Guild: quotations and aphorisms collected on the website, their notes and opinions about them, other texts added by website users, their notes and opinions about them. Without logging in, the Internet user cannot actively participate on the The Quill Guild website.

A logged-in user can post their own opinions and texts, and vote for both the collected quotes and other texts of other users. It may also suggest adding new quotations to the The Quill Guild citation database.

Rules of use of the website

The actions of users (as well as those browsing the website's pages) should be consistent with generally accepted good practices as well as applicable law. The User who is its author is responsible for the content posted.

Published opinions should not violate the good of third parties, should be edited in a legible manner and contain content that does not violate the principles of social coexistence, in particular they should not contain: vulgarisms or offensive content, content promoting violence, or pornographic content.

Role of the website operator

The operator of the The Quill Guild website is not responsible for the actions of users.

The operator of the The Quill Guild website has the right to remove content posted on the website by users and content that violates the provisions of these regulations. Removing the collected content or its fragment does not require translation by the operator or the authors of the The Quill Guild page.

The operator's task is to enable the correct and uninterrupted use of the The Quill Guild functionalities. The The Quill Guild page may be temporarily unavailable due to technical work carried out within it, as well as for reasons beyond the operator's control.